Designed for the pre-grade one child, classes offered:
DANCE – A combination class of tap, ballet, jazz, movement, musical games, stories and crafts.
MOM AND ME – A class for children under the age of 3 years who are not yet ready to participate in group activities on their own. The class will explore basic movement to music, simple dance steps and interactive musical games, stories and crafts. Dads are welcome too!

BALLET – The basis of all dance arts, this course will use the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus to develop strong technique while exploring the various styles of classical, character and contemporary ballet.
HIP HOP – Locking, popping and street jazz and hip hop all combine to make this jazz discipline a unique and fun dance art.
JAZZ – An exploration of the various styles of jazz dancing from lyrical to hip-hop, funk and the blues.
LYRICAL – Stylized dance that incorporates the grace and flowing lines of ballet with the emotional and dynamic movements of jazz.
MODERN – An exploration of music, movement and body language through a dance style that evolves from each individual dancer. Designed specifically for the Intermediate and senior dancer.
STRETCH – A technique class to help students gain strength and flexibility to enhance dance technique and prevent injury.
TAP – An exploration of rhythm and sounds using various styles of tap dance with a strong emphasis on technique and showmanship.
TUMBLING – Instruction in gymnastic moves from a dancer’s perspective
NATIONAL – Short-term classes will be offered in various styles of ethnic dance throughout the season.

DRAMA – Development of dramatic skills through drama games, improvisations, puppetry and script work.
MUSICAL THEATRE – A vocal class that focuses on developing proper singing techniques through the exploration of music from various musicals.

A program for students who wish to explore more fully the performing arts; this course includes all applicable dance, drama and vocal classes at a discounted rate.

Adult classes are offered in three 12 week sessions in the fall, winter and spring.

Classes offered:
TAP – One hour class weekly
JAZZ – One hour class weekly
HIP HOP – One hour class weekly
BALLET – One hour class weekly
SWING – 1.5 hours per week
2 classes offered: Rock n Roll Swing, Acro Swing
Note: You DO NOT need a partner to take either of these classes.

Additional classes may be offered if we have interest – eg. stretch, singing, drama, tumbling.

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